2020 Party dress or New Years Outfit can bring you luck!

2020 Party dress or New Years Outfit can bring you luck!

December 18, 2019

This is taking colours to whole another meaning, some of us are relying on luck this year some are relying on colours we wear, when i first heard what you wear can create your own positive energy and help get what you want i started to see the self-motivating logic behind it, but the harsh reality is some of us can be feeling a little worried about the New year, especially if you didn't have the best year in 2019, but stay focused and positive and let’s try and make 2020 the year of change, what a perfect place to start, with what we wear on the last day of the year with our favorite group of people!

Some say wearing specific colours could enhance your mood and energy and help you steer that mind in the right direction to get what you want!

Let’s see if we can get your lucky streak going by starting with perfect New Year Eve outfit whether its  party dress, nice summer dress, cocktail dress or formal dress we think we found something for you this New Year’s Eve, plus its perfect excuse to wear these gorgeous dresses, right!  

Pink - Wearing this colour can encourage love luck this coming year? can attract affection and love if that’s what you need, love this! Clara Dress - Pink

White - Represents new beginnings and opportunities. Brazilians believe white is ideal if you desire peace, both locally and internationally to pass in the year to come. Besides perfect excuse to look amazing in head turning Mesina Dress - White (S,M,L available) 

Yellow - The colour we all need! can bring about luck for those that are dealing with financial troubles. Lift your energy with this confident colour, take look at the stunning Khaleesi Dress - Mustard ((S,M,L available) 

Orange - The colour of motivation feeling alive and joy, perfect way to end the year of 2019 get your head in the right place with this look, Khaleesi Dress – Burnt Orange

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